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You may not use the words “exciting” and “migration” together unless you’re being sarcastic, but around here we do it all the time. Businesses are migrating from one platform to another with some frequency these days and one of the big reasons is they simply have more and better platform choices. Some IT departments were migrating a dozen virtual machines and some were migrating thousands of VMware virtual machines to Hyper-V. Either way, administrators wanted as much automation as possible – particularly for tasks like discovery, VMware Tools removal, and the heavy lifting of data movement and migration cutover. Yes, you could use the System Center Automation Toolkit to automate these tasks if you have System Center 2012, but not everybody has it.

In response to demand, we created a solution that gives administrators exactly what they asked for: automation, automation and a little more automation just in case. MAT Vision Solutions’ Double-Take® Move came together in solution Migration Mark calls MAT4Move.

Double-Take Move is really the only migration solution featuring real-time replication for near-zero downtime migrations across any combination of physical, virtual, and cloud platforms. That’s our core “any-to-any” technology and we’ve kept building in additional automation and management functionality so migrations to Hyper-V are easier through our Double-Take Console, PowerShell, System Center 2012, and now specifically through the MAT4Move.

MAT4Move includes awesome extra features such as VMware virtual machine discovery and VMware Tools removal. Move was already fully manageable through PowerShell and includes tasks like remotely installing the Double-Take agents, auto-provisioning the target Hyper-V virtual machine and replicating data directly into it. When you’re ready, it also automatically cuts over and spins up the target VM. The result is an easy to use PowerShell interface to migrate all of your virtual machines from VMware to Hyper-V.

MAT4Move management components are free (just like the System Center Integration Toolkit from Vision Solutions), and Double-Take Move is licensed on a per-use basis. As you may suspect, licenses can be purchased through Vision Solutions or an authorized reseller.

The MAT technology preview is available from the Vision Solutions Customer Care Support Central Portal or can be downloaded directly here.

By David Paquette (The Move Guru)

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