Raise your hand if you remember this: When the IT world swore cloud computing would only ever work for small businesses and social media When IT teams thought they would surely get additional help again after the recession When you felt relieved about migrating to more storage because you knew you wouldn’t have to do […]


Recently we’ve been sharing the results of our June survey regarding IT professionals’ attitudes, perceptions, and practices when it comes to disaster recovery. Our audience was IT professionals from around the world, many of whom are responsible for managing or administrating their organization’s DR strategy. In our last post, we revealed that many of our […]


In our last couple of blogs we’ve been sharing the findings from our June survey in which we asked IT professionals about their level of confidence in their organization’s ability to meet high availability and disaster recovery goals. Interestingly—or perhaps alarmingly—83% of respondents were not completely confident that their DR plan was complete, tested and […]


In our last blog, we wrote about some of the findings from the worldwide survey we conducted in June. In this survey, we asked IT professionals, the majority of whom manage or administrate their companies’ systems, about their perceptions and concerns about their organizations’ ability to meet modern high availability and disaster recovery challenges. Our […]


Last month we surveyed IT professionals about their IT resilience practices and processes, and their perceptions and concerns about the state of their HA/DR strategies. The results surprised us. Eighty three percent of our respondents said that they weren’t fully confident that their DR plan was complete, thoroughly tested, and ready to meet their SLAs […]


On Monday, August 8, 2016, Delta Airlines suffered a major outage of its computer systems, resulting in approximately 2,000 canceled flights and delaying even more. The airline struggled for days to overcome the downtime and get back up and running at full capacity but has been dealing with the aftermath since, including thousands upon thousands […]


Earlier this month Amazon and Microsoft announced that they received the highest level of compliance by the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) for their cloud platforms. Now, federal agencies can run sensitive workloads on AWS and Microsoft Azure public clouds, and Vision Solutions is helping them get there. Vision Solutions has worked with […]