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Even if you get a “great deal” on a “total package” that promises miraculous changes for your business, things can go from miraculous to bad very quickly. The problem with package deals is that you’re locked into a particular technology. The world of business and information technology is constantly evolving and you need to evolve […]


For a variety of reasons, most organizations have multiple database types in their IT environments. The problem is, supporting all these different databases is expensive: You need at least one knowledgeable staff member for each platform, managers have to oversee multiple maintenance contracts, and administrators have to stay on top of all the hardware needed […]


Data is the new currency. In order to leverage it however, it has to be liquid. If your organization has data trapped in siloed departmental databases, or if you are performing nightly content transfers using antiquated manual processes, you’re wasting time, money, and risking your competitive edge. To put a fine point on it, administrators […]


You’d be hard pressed to find an organization without a multi-database environment today. Recently we conducted a survey in which 87% of the businesses we talked to said they regularly need to share data between multiple databases in their organization. What’s really interesting is, 62% are constantly concerned that their databases are out of sync. […]


In the new economy, who isn’t looking for ways to improve efficiency and reduce costs? Everybody is being asked to do more with less, and it’s not just a temporary cost reduction measure; it’s the new status quo. Managers in every department are looking for ways technology can help them improve and streamline operations, reduce […]


In 2013, 64% of the companies we surveyed for the State of Resilience Report said they had adopted Cloud services. This is a 41% jump in Cloud adoption in just two years. Clearly Cloud services are working out for businesses of all sizes, and analysts predict radical growth in the virtual server and cloud services […]