Read any business journal in the days following a disaster and you’ll quickly realize that all high availability and disaster recovery solutions aren’t created equal. Many solutions only offer periodic backup, can’t replicate across platforms and can only move data in one direction. These vulnerabilities can cost you thousands in lost productivity, brand damage, lost […]


In order to stay competitive in today’s complex technology landscape, organizations must find innovative ways to reduce costs, risks and burden on resources. Migrations are part of this process, and organizations that rely on Double-Take Move are able to execute predictable migrations with virtually no downtime. However, migrating to more powerful or efficient infrastructure, even […]


At Vision Solutions, our mission is to protect your business from the costs and consequences of downtime, no matter what. One of the ways we do that is through Double-Take Move, our software solution that allows you to migrate anything to and from any combination of physical, virtual or cloud servers. Double-Take Move allows you […]


Over the last several weeks we’ve shared some use case scenarios that illustrate how expanding your MIMIX Availability environment to include multiple servers with MIMIX Global can help you take your high availability strategy to new levels that meet the toughest demands for data and application availability requirements. For example, check out this post that […]


We’ve been writing about scenarios in which traditional two server HA/DR topologies can be enhanced by adding a 3rd node, or more, in order to strengthen your data and application availability and protection, and how MIMIX Global enables this multi-node topology without adding complexity. While two-server high-availability models are great for fast on-site HA, a […]


Last week we wrote about how the addition of MIMIX Global to MIMIX Availability environments with three or more servers enables heightened protection from downtime and data loss and increased data availability without added complexity. Here are two use cases that illustrate how adding MIMIX Global can enhance your HA/DR strategy and help you meet […]


The technology landscape is changing quickly, as are the demands of users, clients, and regulatory agencies. Service Level Agreements (SLAs) have high uptime requirements, users need access to critical data and tools in order to stay productive, and customers (both internal and external) have no tolerance for downtime. What’s more, many organizations are dealing with […]