One of the biggest challenges IT managers face is keeping highly complex datacenter always available in order to meet increasingly strict Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and compliance regulations. Fines from missed SLAs and regulations can be steep, especially in finance, insurance, healthcare and manufacturing; after all they’re in place specifically to reduce client and consumer […]


Estimates for average costs of downtime came in at around $8,000 per minute[1] last year. That number leaves little doubt that the direct costs of downtime can cripple a business. However, that number doesn’t even take into account the indirect costs of downtime, such as bad press and negative social media chatter that can add […]


By necessity, today’s datacenters are a mix of hardware, operating systems and storage on physical, virtual and cloud platforms. Heterogeneous environments can be notoriously difficult to navigate when it comes to planning business continuity. If you pick one vendor, you may be stuck with the best they have to offer on that day. Plus, you […]

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A recent New York Times article caused quite a stir when it reported “datacenters waste 90% of the energy they pull off the grid” and “a single data center can take more power than a medium-size town[1].” Recently InformationWeek reported “the traditional enterprise data center uses just under twice as much electricity as it needs […]


Cloud computing has radically transformed how businesses are investing in infrastructure. In our 2013 State of Resilience Report, respondents indicated the majority of organizations are using the cloud to protecting physical and virtual servers to cloud repositories. We weren’t surprised to learn that cloud has become a broadly used IT strategy that is helping companies […]