By Alan Arnold, Executive Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, Vision Solutions, Inc. Reality isn’t always what it seems, as we learned in the groundbreaking film The Matrix. Neo, the movie’s hero, learns this lesson from a young monk who holds a spoon that bends and twists on its own, as if by magic. “Do […]


The Small Business Administration (SBA) recently updated their business continuity recommendations after reviewing case studies from Superstorm Sandy. Since the SBA bases their recommendations on federal recommendations for businesses of all sizes, their findings can be applied to any size organization, whether local or global. One of their changes is to help businesses understand that […]

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There’s no tech trend projection in print that forecasts IT staff will have fewer responsibilities and bigger budgets in the coming years. The years of unchecked expansion are over, and all signs point to a trend of optimizing everything before adding anything new. Productivity software is commonplace, helping Operations and Finance keep an eye on […]

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If you think back to your business continuity strategy just a few years ago you’ll realize how quickly IT departments have grown in complexity. It’s possible that, like many businesses, you didn’t even have a business continuity strategy a few years ago. Driven by growing data, new storage and platform options like cloud and virtualization, […]

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Recently Alan Arnold, our executive vice president and CTO gave this quote: “The high availability and disaster recovery needs of companies that depend upon IBM Power Systems are evolving at a remarkable pace. Tight budgets, skilled resource shortages, exploding data growth, and a strong demand for infrastructure flexibility and capital expense management are driving innovation.” […]

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Today we are pleased to announce the release of Double-Take 7.1. This new release is specifically designed to address modern challenges in migration, high availability and disaster recovery. It’s also designed to be infinitely flexible with options for businesses of all sizes and data center configurations. We’ve been in the business continuity market for more […]


It’s more important than ever that businesses are prepared for business continuity. However, there are several common challenges that stand between organizations being protected and being vulnerable to outages and disasters. For one, many businesses have complex combinations of technology platforms that they need to protect. Some organizations are just getting started on a strategy […]