It’s more important than ever that businesses are prepared for business continuity. However, there are several common challenges that stand between organizations being protected and being vulnerable to outages and disasters. For one, many businesses have complex combinations of technology platforms that they need to protect. Some organizations are just getting started on a strategy […]


Like everyone else, during the Great Recession IT departments suffered budget cuts, hiring freezes and layoffs. They did not, however, get a reduction in responsibility. As a matter of fact, during this time new legislation mandating high availability and disaster recovery ramped up, as did consumer-driven demand for technologies and services that require more data […]


When it comes to cloud services, every survey on the subject reports that cloud adoption is growing and will keep growing. The majority of organizations already have breakout budgets for cloud, and even those are expected to grow. The few organizations that haven’t adopted cloud yet? Experts say just wait, they will. Obviously, the cloud […]


Last month at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in Washington, D.C. we were very honored to receive the Microsoft Platform Modernization Alliance Technology Innovation Award. This award is given to Microsoft partners who deliver innovative solutions that directly address customer challenges. Our migration software solution, Double-Take Move, performs near-zero downtime migrations to the cloud and […]


IT managers are under pressure to do more with less. Virtualizing servers and moving to the Cloud is a great way to accomplish this. Streamlining operations, reducing costs and improving performance via virtualization and Cloud infrastructure makes sense and is an easy sell, but getting from here to there can be a nightmare. As soon […]


Downtime, data loss, increased operation complexity and costs; all symptoms of a migration gone wrong. Moving critical workloads off of physical machines onto virtual and cloud infrastructure can improve performance and lower costs. But the move itself is high risk. At least, it used to be. We perform yearly surveys in order to stay up […]


Even if you get a “great deal” on a “total package” that promises miraculous changes for your business, things can go from miraculous to bad very quickly. The problem with package deals is that you’re locked into a particular technology. The world of business and information technology is constantly evolving and you need to evolve […]